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 Experienced Hunter Applying.

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PostSubject: Experienced Hunter Applying.   Sat Oct 13, 2007 3:13 pm

Char name: Darreh
Race: Orc
Class: Hunter
Professions: 375 Transmute Master ( Alchemy ) 225 Engineering.
Age: 19
Country: Sweden
Been killing everything from Karazhan to 4th boss in SSC..
Voidreaver .. Al'ar.
Maggy. gruul.

Playing Time:
like.. 24/7

Instance Access: Karazhan - All Heroics.

Former Guilds:
Legacy.. left because of in-active people = No raids.
Equipment: Armory link :

Do you know anyone in FOLLOW THE LEADER - ingame and real life - that can vouch for you? No
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Experienced Hunter Applying.
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